About us


The Thailand Embedded Systems Association (TESA) is a network linking developers and technology users in the field of embedded computing technology from all sectors in Thailand -- private industry, universities, and the government sector. TESA was founded in September 2001, growing out of the Embedded Systems Forum.


    1. To strengthen the development of the embedded systems industry and its partners in Thailand.

    2. To provides a forum for the embedded technology partners to network and collaborate to create opportunities and strengthen the competencies of each other

    3. To promote innovation in developing embedding systems technologies in Thailand

    4. To create a positive investment environment for expanding the industry


    • To create a forum for networking and collaboration among embedded systems technology interest groups in private industry, universities, and the government sector

    • To promote innovations in embedded systems technology in order to compete in the global market

    • To develop human resources in embedded systems technology

    • To support the development of government technology policy related to embedded systems

    • To support business development of embedded systems technology


Network linking developers and technology in the field of embedded computing technology between Government, Industry and Academic.


  1. HRD for Industry

  2. New Product & Company

  3. New Innovation

Members and partners

The members of TESA include:

    • Corporate members: over 50 technology solution providers (SME developers) and customers

    • Individual members: over 1,000+ individual technology developers, students, professors, and technology professionals

The partners of TESA include:

  • Academic institutions: 20+ universities in Thailand

  • Government agencies: NIA, TRF, TDRI, BSID,NECTEC,NSTDA ,SIPA, EEI, FTI

  • Corporate partners: Saha Union PLC, Siam Cement Group, Toyota Tsusho Electric Thailand, Thai Summit Group, Jowit Group, FORTH, CAT Telecom,SIC

  • NGO partners: Thai-Japan Technology Promotion Association, Council of Deans of Engineering Schools