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WD เปิดรับวิศวกรเข้าร่วมงานจำนวนมาก Firmware/FIT/Test Engineer
by Khanistha Prasansuk - Monday, 27 June 2011, 1:26 PM

บริษัท เวสเทิร์น ดิจิตอล จำกัด ผู้ออกแบบการผลิต และจำหน่ายฮาร์ดดิสก์ไดรฟ์ที่มีประสิทธิภาพ ต้องการรับสมัครวิศวกรเข้าร่วมงานหลายตำแหน่งดังนี้

Engineer/Sr. Engineer : Firmware 17 Positions


  • Code and test the Controller and/or Process Firmware functions in support of the Manufacturing of Hard Disk Drive.
  • Adhere to formally developed Firmware/Software Development Procedures being practiced by all members of Western Digital firmware and software developers.
  • Adhere to corporate and departmental policies, procedures, and guidelines for conducting business in accordance with ISO standards.
  • Uphold corporate ethics standards as described in the Western Digital Code of Conduct handbook.


  1. Generate and maintain the following software at the function level:
    - The different generations of Controller and/or Process Firmware
    - Others as may be assigned.
  2. Generate and maintain appropriate technical documentation:
    - Firmware Release notices.
    - Engineering Change Orders (ECO).
    - Specifications.
    - Others as may be assigned.
  3. Validate and test software releases
  4. Execute experiments and prepare data for analysis.
  5. Participate in technical team activities.
  6. Participate in design, code, and test review process.
  7. Work together with other teams to improve yield, process, cycle time.
  8. Maintain effective communications with the technical staff.


Educational Required :
- Bachelor’s Degree / Master’s Degree in Electronics/Computer Engineering.

Skill :
- Programming in C/C++, understanding technical documentations/paper.

Experiences Required :
- Firmware/Embedded environment, ARM SOC, microcontroller applications, ATA / SATA / SAS / SCSI interface.
- Experienced in debug firmware or PCBA is advantage.
- Experienced in hard disk drive back end production is advantage.

Other Requirement :
- Teamwork, attention to detail, communication, initiative, creative thinking, customer focus.

FIT Engineer: Function Integrity Test 6 Positions


  • Conduct FIT test activity
  • FWcheck responsibility


1. Regular
- Create FIT test plan for every FIT testing activities. Conduct FIT test plan review and make sure test plan gets the agreement from required parties (PM, FW Lead, APPs, APEs).

- Make sure all tests are carried out according to test plan. Monitor test status several times a day.

- Perform FA on FIT test failures to determine if failures are test setup issues, FIT scripts issues, or true FW issues. Create ITRs to document each issue. Assign ITR to the proper parties.

- Release FIT W&F if no major FW issues. If major FW issues are encountered, need to communicate to PM and FW team, and if all parties agree, the FW should be cancelled.

- Make sure FWcheck required folders and files are in proper place in FIT server. Update/create FWcheck xls/csv files when necessary. Release FWcheck status.

2. Irregular

- Provide training to technicians.

- Other duties as assigned.


- Bachelor’s degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Computer Science/Engineering.
- Communication well in English (writing, reading and speaking).

Optional Skills: Good programming skill on C, C++

Engineer: Test Equipment 5 Positions


  • Responsible for the performance and maintenance of production equipment in his area of responsibility.
  • Implement systems to maintain and improve equipment maintenance and preventive maintenance of all manufacturing and associated equipment/ machinery.
  • Responsible for spare parts usage monitoring and inventory level to avoid equipment down spare occurring.
  • Plan and ensure new product transfer smoothly to meet MPS requirement.


  • Guide, motivate and lead technicians to achieve a common objective setup by the department.
  • Optimize equipment performance through the implementation of an efficient preventive and line maintenance program.
  • Liaise with relevant parties on the new product transfer program and meet product requirements.
  • Organize and implement new training courses to upgrade the technical knowledge of technicians.
  • Implement and setup auditable tracking system of maintenance history and spare parts usage for all equipment under his area of responsibility.
  • Participate in task force on customer complaints and quality issues on line.
  • Design or Creative electronics circuitry to improve productivity, downtime and product quality of all equipment in his area responsibility.
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • Ensure commonality/standardization among same processes/system within related manufacturing sites.


Educational Required: Bachelor Degree or higher in Engineering (Mechatronic & Electronic & Robotic).

Skill: Knowledge of test-equipment in hardware and software.

Experiences Required: 

  • Experience 0 - 3 years in robotic & automation maintenance & control esp. Kuka robot.
  • Good command in English. Can communicate & present with expat?
  • Good attitude
  • Leadership skill

COMPETENCY: Organizes/supervise technicians to achieve assigned goal and objective. To design and document for a new fixture/adapter, electronic circuitry to improve equipment performance in term of downtime and installation time.

Contact: Mr. Puttiporn Chatpaisarn

Technical Recruitment Engineer

Western Digital (BangPa-in) Com.,Ltd

Phone : 035-277622

Email: Puttiporn.chatpaisarn@wdc.com