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Silicon Craft Technology need Design Engineer.
by Khanistha Prasansuk - Thursday, 2 December 2010, 4:13 PM

About Silicon Craft Technology:

Established in 2002, Silicon Craft offers novel ASICs for RFID applications which demand high-value added features and superior system performance. Our product’s quality is endorsed by years of experience in design, development, and world-class foundry semiconductor manufacture of linear and mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs).

Silicon Craft Technology business offers products and design services through the following business segments:

1> LFI (Living Form Identification)
2> BATI (Business process Automation Through Identification) and
3> SA (Specialty applications).

Spring board from our IC and Product design experience SIC presently offers over 10 different RFID ICs and a series of ODM ready-to-integrate RFID transponders. SIC believes in constant innovation and developing smart technology solutions by continuously introducing new products on a quarterly basis.

IC design
Silicon Craft is Asia’s pioneering fabless semiconductor company with ASIC product design expertise focused on radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. Our advanced animal RFID transponder ASIC’s are industry leaders for food safety and food traceability applications. Designed with real-world applications in mind, our family of feature-rich multi-purpose RFID IC are used in a broad range of applications including contactless payment, key card access, industrial automation, library, livestock, logistics, and car immobilizer.

Silicon Craft through its extensive and well established qualified list of subcontractors has over time developed the competency to successfully ODM transponders within a short turn-around time. Customers have been long benefiting from SICs first hand transponder design know how to tailor suit the end application.

Job Position:

R&D Engineer


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics or related

  • Hand-on experience in various types of electronic design

  • Strong background knowledge of electronics

  • Detail oriented with excellent analytical skill

Experience From: 0 To 3 Yrs

Desired Work Experience:-

  • Award-winning

  • Done research or project in related field

Age From: 20 To 25 Yrs

Additional Information if any:-

  • Creativity and systematic problem solving

  • Hard working and good team player

  • High responsibility

  • Self-learner with quick adaptation

Basic Qualification:

  • Job Type: Full Time

  • No. of Position: 1

  • Gender: Male/Female

  • Salary: Not Specified

  • Education:

    • Bachelor’s Degree

    • Faculty: Engineering, Major: Electronics

    • Faculty: Related fields

  • Experience: 0-3 Year(s)

  • Location: Bangkok District: Donmuang

Digital Design Engineer 


  • Master’s Degree in Digital System design, Digital IC Design or related field or Bachelor’s Degree in Digital System design with Related Experience at least 2 years

  • Experience From: 2+ years

Desired Work Experience


                - Prior minimum 2 years experience in electronics product design

                - Experience in Digital System Design

                - Experience in large digital Architecture design > 1,000 gates count

                - Design synthesizable VHDL / Verilog coding in RTL or gate level, not behavioral

                - Capable to verify design system through simulation by creating coverage test bench

                - Capable to design synchronous / asynchronous circuit

                - Capable to design and analysis with in Time / Resource constrain

                - Familiar with FPGA and CPLD implementation

                - Familiar with verification tools such as ModelSim, ISE,

                - Experience in Digital IC Design is a plus

                - Experience in Embedded system design

                - Ability to debug system through oscilloscope, Logic analyzer, protocol analyzer

                - Microcontroller Programming : low level C-Programming, Bit operation, pointer concept,

                  type and effect of using the difference variable type.

                - Software Programming such as VB, VC#

                - Good Knowledge in fundamental of electronic circuitry

 Age From: 20 To 28 Yrs

Additional Information if any:-

  • Good English communication skills

  • Ability to work alone and teamwork proactively

  • Ability to work in both detail-oriented and big picture

  • Creativity & Systematic problem solving

  • High Responsibility

  • Self-learner with quick adaptation

IC Layout Designer


  • Bachelor’s Degree in electronic with Related Experience or Higher

Experience : 0 – 3 Year

Job Responsibilities :

·         Perform Layout Design of analog/mixed-signal ICs especially in CMOS processes.

·         Perform PCB Layout Design of analog/mixed-signal system.

·         Responsible for interacting directly with other designers and the design architect to ensure the compatibility of his/her work with the overall system.



·         Good Background in Electronic or Microelectronic.

·         Knowledge in CMOS Layout design

o   Microelectronic, Solid-State Electronic

o   Physical device in CMOS process

o   Expertise in design of one block of analog/mixed is required

o   Understand basic concept in Analog/mixed IC layout is a plus such as

o    Device Matching

o    Electromigration

o    Guarding, Latch-up prevention

o    Floorplaning

·         Proficiency in use of EDA/CAD tools for schematic capture, layout.

·         Familiarity in DRC and LVS debugging in IC design process

·         Prior minimum 1 year experience of IC Layout design is a plus.

·         Capability in PCB design is a plus.

·         Strong team player and possess good interpersonal communication skills.

·         Capability in delivery elaborate work

·         Well organized, fast learner. Good ability to work within a multi-cultural environment.

·         Innovative mindset to develop efficient and smart solutions. 

·         Knowledge of VLSI or Mixed-signal ASIC is a plus.

Age From: 20 To 28 Yrs

Embedded system Development engineer



·       At least 2 years experience in Embedded system development

·       Solid skill in 8, 16 and 32 bit microcontroller development.

·       Solid skill in low level C-Programming such as: Bit operation, pointer concept, type and effect of using the difference variable type.

·       Knowledge of various phases of compilation - functionality of linker, loader, modification of memory map of microcontroller for specific application such as boot loader implementation, memory allocation

·       Ability to implement and design the effective firmware for signal application such as signal encoding/decoding, implemtation of software UART, SPI, etc.

·       Ability to implement and design the effective firmware for data communication.

·       Ability to debug and correct the problem. Not only in program application level but also in deep detail, such as compilation problem, CPU timimg constraint, stack overflow , hardware problem. etc.

·       Ability to develop the software on PC for testing purpose, thread programming, serial port programming. VC++6 and .NET platform are prefered.

·       Experience in IC test system/manufactuing is a plus.

·       Experience in USB firmware development is a plus.

·       Experience in device driver development is a plus.

·       Can work under the time constraint situation.

·       Be a strong team player and possess good interpersonal communication skills.

·       Capability in designing workflow, planning, co-ordinating with sub-contractor


·       Design test systems to support IC/RFID production line.

·       Design system from concepts in product development or R&D Process.

·       Design the firmware structure for the complex project that need high reliability and accuracy.

·       Lead and guide junior engineer to help them scale up faster.


Contact: K.


Kanokthip Y. (Patt)

Executive Secretary

Silicon Craft Technology Co., Ltd.

Phone:   (662) 985-4925 # 12

Fax:       (662) 985-4949 # 11

Mobile:   (668) 1279-2442

Email:    kanokthip@sic.co.th